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Mission Ladies Out Loud is a nonprofit 503c3 organization dedicated to teaching women how to be better speakers through the arts.

About Company

Ladies OUT LOUD is a new non-profit dedicated to teaching women public speaking through skill sets based in the arts. Ladies OUT LOUD is a NEW WAY to teach public speaking. We are taking it out of the classroom and teaching it in a fun, improv based open mic setting. Ladies OUT LOUD is a seven week program that focuses on getting on stage, knowing your “tells”, embracing failing on stage and having fun.

What she said

When asked to speak at conferences and events, women say no almost 50% of the time and men say yes 90% of the time. – Forbes Magazine

What she said

“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops… until you stand up to speak in public.”- George Jessel

What She Said

Public speaking is the largest form of social anxiety. – Faravelli et al. (2000)

Who We Are

Ladies OUT LOUD gives them the opportunity to find their voice literally and figuratively. It will help them grow and develop into strong women who know how to use that voice by teaching them a skill set that they will use everywhere.

Karen Brager


I learned how to speak with confidence through stand-up. We would have more confident female speakers if we provided a platform for them to practice, give and receive feedback and learn to speak their truth.
Dena Blizzard

Who We are

Women need encouragement to use their voices and teaching young women these  how to speak can not only lead to increased academic achievement, self esteem and confidence now but will help them speak up to achieve their goals throughout life.

Joanne Broder Sumerson , Ph.D.

Who we are

I spent years as a performer, a teacher and an acting coach of young people, so launching Ladies OUT LOUD is important because I firmly believe that every voice needs to be heard. Ladies OUT LOUD is important because in order to achieve the above, girls must learn the necessary skills and gain the confidence to find and use their voices. I believe that LOL will create opportunity for young women to grow up unafraid to speak up loud and clear.

Missy Hall

Who We Are

The skills young women glean from this program can help them in any aspect of their lives – in personal relationships, academia, the workplace and in the larger realms of politics, media and the global marketplace.

Tammy Paolino

Who We are

Ladies Out Loud creates the space teens need to discover their own path to being more confident in communicating effectively. I know LOL will continue to provide a journey that helps them realize their voices are valid and valuable. I am honored to have witnessed the amazing growth it created in such a short amount of time!

Leticia Viloria