What is Ladies OUT LOUD?

Ladies OUT LOUD is a non-profit dedicated to teaching women how to be better speakers through the arts. LOL is a seven-week workshop focused on getting on stage, finding your unique voice, and developing tools to live OUT LOUD.

How old do you have to be to be a part of Ladies OUT LOUD?

We offer high school programs as well as ADULT (post high school) programs.

How long are the sessions?
Each session lasts 1.5 hours

How many weeks is the workshop?

We meet for 6 weeks of focused improv, writing and games and our final week is our “graduation.” Our program is meant to mimic an “open-mic” so women can practice getting those nerves out, feel comfortable in the space and have fun.

How can I join?

Find a chapter in your area at www.ladiesoutloud.org/chapters.

How can I launch my own Ladies OUT LOUD chapter?

We are currently finalizing our curriculum and hope to offer training and expand into different markets very soon.

What can I expect to learn at Ladies OUT LOUD?

We discuss speaking tells, focus on connecting with an audience, create your own unique speaking introduction and explore stories that need to be told. Our focus is preparing women for great conversations….not presentations. Talk to your audience, not at them.

Will I be a better speaker by the end of the 7 week session?

Yes… we can guarantee that you’ll be better than when you started. You set your own goals and we work as a group to attain them. With practice comes confidence which you can use in all aspects of your life (work, relationships, school, etc.)

Is there a Ladies OUT LOUD chapter in my area?

Check out our list of chapters here.

Can I take Ladies OUT LOUD more than one time?

Yes!!! We’ve had women take the class three times and each time they became stronger speakers. Again, you set your goals and you decide what you want to work on. We provide the framework and safe space to do it.

How is Ladies OUT LOUD different than other empowerment programs?

We don’t call ourselves an empowerment program. We are a teaching program. You will learn hands-on speaking skills to help you think on your feet and be a more confident speaker.

How much book work vs. hands on learning will there be?

This program was created to get you up and speaking from day one. Come prepared to share, get out of your comfort zone and speak up for yourself. We will ask you to share a few stories with the group. You can decide how to present them….written out completely, bullet points, etc.

Do you have a keynote you can present at our women’s conference?

Yes. We would love to! For more information on booking contact bookinggoddess@onefunnymother.com.

Can you offer an additional break-out session?

We offer an abridged version of LOL after our keynote to get into some of our favorite improv, self reflection and speaking games!

What if I’m too scared to speak during the session?

It’s perfectly natural to be nervous and we spend the entire first session talking about nervous tells and how our bodies react to being nervous. We don’t force anyone to do anything before they’re ready, but we encourage you to listen and share when ready. You’d be surprised how quickly participants feel comfortable.

How is this different than the public speaking class I had in school?

Ladies Out Loud is based in the arts, which is a very unique approach. This class follows skill sets found in open mics, comedy, stand-up and improv. We help you become a more comfortable speaker, be yourself and connect with your audience!

What if I have zero experience?

Everybody starts somewhere. We are thrilled to work with all levels of experience, including zero!

What do my program fees cover?

All the fun you’re going to have, your workbook and a fabulous shirt!

What if I can’t attend all the classes?

You must.